Student Government’s StartUp Pitches Remain Unpitched


MADRID – On Friday, September 13th, the Student Hub located in the MMB31 building of the Madrid campus had been scheduled to host two events: the Clubs Fair organized by Student Life and the StartUp Pitches Madrid, the result of the collaboration between Student Government and IE Startup Club. While the former was a major success, the signs of the latter, had yet to be seen.

The goal of the event, as stated on the IE CampusGroups website, was to present a series of successful startups that had been launched by alumni; an interesting topic for aspiring entrepreneurs from the IE community. The majority of the attendees were part of the new intake of Masters students, fresh out of their introductory first weeks to the institution.

Some of the newer Masters students struggled to locate the event, due to the fact that although they had recently been introduced to the Student Hub, there was no sign of any event being held or even set up. About 10-15 minutes after the event should have begun, the general sentiment was that no one was aware of who would be hosting this event, or at least in charge of setting up. After 20-25 minutes, most audience members seemed to be ready to leave.

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Screenshot by Hannah Illathu

The Stork contacted reception to ensure that the StudentHub had been booked for the event, but was met with a negative response. For the sake of journalistic integrity, The Stork reached out to the Student Government for a resolution, however, did not receive a response on the matter. There had been no notice of cancellation nor has the Student Government/ The Startup Club rescheduled the event.

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