New Year’s Irresolution 


Glitter, lights, drinks, and cakes are at every corner. Anticipation grows as pale-threaded people swarm together as the seconds roll by. The countdown ends with an eruption of noise. Everyone embraces each other and exchanges mutual desires for good fortune. The new year is here! This time of the year is full of reflection and a sense of rebirth. We all have our demons and complications in our lives. The end of the countdown is a breath of fresh hair for millions worldwide. We can all take the initiative and start the year on the right foot. Many manifest these craved changes by formally creating new year’s resolutions. The metaphorical bruises and bumps and the lessons they left behind catalyze many to want new habits to better themselves and their lives.

However, for those living in the northern hemisphere, the new year occurs at a time when nature does not coincide with the spirit of action and rebirth. Winter is not a time when the natural world takes the world by storm and is revamped with fuel and motivation. It appears that our arbitrary calendar choice and cultural phenomena go against nature. 

Nevertheless, this does not mean we should scrap our tradition of beginning the year with positive momentum; we might need to reformat it. An alternative is taking this time to follow nature, introspect, and discard what is necessary for eventual rebirth. Plenty of the most destructive aspects of our lives are actions, attitudes, or people. Thus, January can consist of removing these deadweights that do not bring us any fruits and are the source of anxiety and detriment. Stop smoking, stop eating so much sugar, stop texting your ex, stop spending time with toxic people, stop judging others, and stop being so hard on yourself. 

As a mere 9% of people complete their new year’s resolutions, it seems like something is due for remodeling. Take this time to remove deadweight in all areas of our lives and regroup for what is to come. When spring arrives, then we transition our resolutions to action. As the warm sunlight and emerald green return, the inherent energy and rejuvenation from the world around us signals it’s time to take the bull by its horns. We shouldn’t fight nature; it is only natural to mirror the filter of winter and the alacrity of spring. As mother earth removes the scraps and prepares for resurrection, we should follow suit.

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