International Women’s Day Run: Enhancing Equality Through Sports


To commemorate the International Women’s Day, celebrated on 10th of March, the IE Running Club, together with the IE Women in Business Club, organized a 10 km run at Casa de Campo in Madrid.

The capital of Spain joins a large list of cities including: Paris, Milan, London and Rome to help raise awareness and promote a more gender-equal world through sports and running. During the IWDRun (International Women’s Day Run), cities all over the world ran for the same cause of raising funds for the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, which is an organization based in Bekoji (Ethiopia) that aims to empower Ethiopian girls and their communities through running and education.

Amanda Louise Skaar, an MBA student stated that this kind of events and opportunities “are a nice way to meet new people not only from the student community, but also people from the outside who wants to highlight the importance of running and raising awareness for women day.

After a hard and long run, most of the runners present were pleased to finish the race and their satisfaction increased as CampusLife delivered some goodies among the first 30 runners that made it to the finish line.

I was shocked for the amount of people that came to the run, and also for the ones that made it to the end. Not everyone can handle a 10 km run, you feel great when you finish one of these long runs,” stated Javier Gascón, a 2nd year BBA-LLB student.

This opportunity was made in partnership with Voltwomen, the platform behind the IWDRun and they are proud supporters of Girls Gotta Run to create more and better opportunities for young female athletes.

If you would like to fight your limits, running is your sport. Just join the IE Running Club in order to not miss another opportunity. The club members also do weekly runs on Sundays and trainings during weekdays.

Image courtesy of IE Running Club.

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