If you’re new to using public transportation in Madrid, here’s all you need to know to make your way around town like a born and bred madrileño.

The Madrid metro and bus systems are combined, you can access the Madrid metro lines and the bus lines with the same card. Below are the ticket options offered for public transportation within the city.

1. Monthly Pass

This monthly transport pass is known as ’Abono’. Before acquiring the ‘abono’ you must get a Madrid metro card. The card costs four euros and you’ll need a passport/NIE/DNI and a passport-sized photo. It takes up to 15 working days to arrive. You can click the following link to order it online: https://tarjetatransportepublico.crtm.es/CRTM-ABONOS/entrada.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 

The price of your monthly pass depends on your age and the transport zones of Madrid you would like to have included, take a look at the table below. Once you have your card it has to be charged every 30 days; this can be done at any metro station at the machines using either cash or credit card.

2. Single & 10 trips ticket

If you won’t use the transport system on a daily basis then you can opt to purchase  The Multi Card, which costs 2.5 euros, and can be bought using card and cash at any machine in any metro station or by cash with the bus driver. This card gives you the option to buy single tickets that range from 1,50 to 2 euros or 10 trip tickets, which cost 12,20 euros. Moreover, you can also pay for single tickets on the bus using your apple wallet or contactless card. This only works on zone A and can be shared with others as it is not a personal card. 

3. Tourist Travel Pass 

The Madrid tourist travel pass gives you unlimited usage of zone A and T between 1-7 days. The majority of Madrid’s most popular locations are located within zone A. However, zone T is perfect for making day trips to small cities located outside of Madrid.

Prices are determined by number of days and by desired zones, take a look at the table below for the prices. You can buy the Madrid tourist pass at any metro station and use the ticket machines located there or you could buy these passes at the sales points at the Madrid airport. The Madrid tourist pass comes with the Multi Card included and once the pass expires, you can top up the Multi Card with single or ten trips tickets and keep using it. 

Now that you have your metro/bus ticket/pass and can get around the city here are some restaurants to visit with your friends and family.

a. Marieta 

Cuisine: International, Mediterranean, European

Address: Paseo Castellana 44, 28046 Madrid Spain

Contact: +34 915 75 75 53

b. Ten Con Ten

Cuisine: Spanish, Mediterranean European

Address: Calle Ayala 6, 28001 Madrid Spain

Contact: +34 915 75 92 54

c. Resturante Amazonico

Cuisine: Brazilian

Address: Calle Jorge Juan 20, 28001 Madrid Spain

Contact: +34 915 15 43 32

d. Perrachica

Cuisine: International, Mediterranean, European

Address: Calle Eloy Gonzalo 10, 28010 Madrid Spain

Contact: +34 917 37 77 75

e. Honest Greens

Cuisine: Mediterranean, European

Address: Paseo Castellana 89 enfrente de Torre Picasso, 28046 Madrid Spain

Contact: +34 914 21 50 11


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