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Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing Dane Chilton and Pablo Cuesta, members of the administration at the Evening Of The Arts Organization, about their goals and upcoming events. 

Q: Can you please shortly introduce yourselves and your positions in the organization?

Dane Chilton: I am a first-year Law student, and I am the general director of Evening of the Arts.

dane chilton

Pablo Cuesta: I’m a Segovian-born second-year Communications student, and my role inside is basically the director of operations for this campus.

pablo cuesta

Q: Can you give a brief description of the organization and how would you comment on what you’re trying to achieve?

Chilton: We’re a nonprofit organization originally based in the United States, and soon we’ll bring our gala event to Madrid. Our job is to identify educational institutions that could benefit from more spotlight on the arts, like IE, and help them pursue them more. 

Once a year, we put on a gala in which we include many artistic disciplines. We have corporate sponsors and food, and it’s a really big event (…). We try to attract people who usually wouldn’t originally come to these events, because that’s what engagement is all about: not through people that already support the arts, but those who haven’t originally considered so.

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Q: Can you please explain what is the process of getting involved as an artist? 

Chilton: The organization mainly finds its own talents and reaches out to them; however, there is a form on our website that you can submit to be up for consideration. While it depends on the event itself, there are various types of creative inquiries that we reach out to, some of which depend on our sponsors. 

Q: Do you believe that the organization is going to result in a positive change in the way IE approaches arts?

Chilton: I’m already seeing a lot of change, even just in the planning stages. We’ve been in contact with just about anybody you can imagine, ranging from Arts and Humanities to Campus Life, to the Foundation, all of which have been truly receptive. In fact, as of next year, EOTA will be taking a leading role in the IE Arts Society. 

Additionally, we’re already seeing collaboration with Segovia. For me, it looks like the big gala in the fall is going to be a hit, maybe having the potential to be the biggest event we’ve done, which would be really incredible. The community is really big, and we have both a great alumni network and an external sponsor network.

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Q: Can you please give a brief description of the event this Friday, as well as how students can join?

Cuesta: Like previous years, the Creativity Center will host an event where all of the art clubs will showcase the work they have been doing all year. However, this year they have partnered with us, which we’re sure will boost a better experience for both the clubs and the attendees.

Chilton: The difference between the gala this fall and the event this Friday is that the second one will be more casual, and serve as a networking event for the clubs, while our annual gala is a black-tie event highlighting individual artists.

From The Stork, we encourage you to sign up to the event this Friday in IE Connects and learn more about the future leaders of the Arts Society.

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