Enjoying The Last Days of Summer and Prepping For University


As August comes to an end and our hectic schedules approach, we are filled with the nostalgia of summer and its adventures. The last days of summer are those we try to make the most memorable, so that we can close a chapter of our lives and mentally prepare for the next cycle. Figuring out how to make the last days of summer unforgettable can be tricky because there is always a variety of options and limited time. For most university students, the first thing on their mind when they get back is Madrid’s nightlife, however if you are looking for something a little less traditional here are some options for you. 

Art Gallery

The presence and appreciation of art is a distinguished characteristic of Madrid’s culture. Although art museums such as El Prado and Reina Sofia are iconic they can be quite touristic. If you have a great passion for art and are interested in upcoming international artists, visiting an art gallery might be something to put on your summer itinerary. Van Gogh Art Gallery, located in el Centro de Madrid has a variety of international artists and styles on display for sale. An art gallery is the perfect place to relax, ground yourself, and be reinspired before you get back to the grind of university.  

Arrt gallery
Illustration courtesy of onyxprj_art

Warner Park

A theme park is the perfect way to enjoy the last warm and sunny days of summer. If you like roller coasters, haunted houses, theme park junk food, and an escape from the city, Parque Warner is the ideal location for you. The park has thirty-three attractions including their famous Batman and Superman rides and tickets for a full day are €52,90. Although the park is in the outskirts of Madrid, You can get there by metro, train, or if you coordinate with friends, you can go there by an affordable Uber.

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Picnic at Retiro

Hosting a picnic at Madrid’s famous Park Retiro, is a great way to enjoy the company of your friends, and to soak in that vitamin D one last time before fall. If you are looking for a place to relax and disconnect from the movement of the city, a day at the park is a great activity to enjoy a sunny day. There are also other park activities such as boat riding, walking through el Palacio de Crystal, and visiting the La Rosaleda: A rose garden within the park. Retiro is the perfect place to relax, picnic, walk and have great conversations with friends. 

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Concerts in Early September

Madrid has a variety of musical artists that perform throughout the year. If you are interested in discovering new artists or seeing a new artist, a concert hosted in Madrid might be something to look forward to in the last days of summer. Here are some great Artists that will be in madrid early september:

  • Cafe Tacvba, a Grammy winning, Latin indie rock band from Mexico City will hold a concert September 4 at la Riviera. 
  • Mon Laferte is a Chilean singer and songwriter who has won many Latin Grammys for her high range voice and her versatility in different genres of music. Her concert will be at la rivera on September 5 
  • Morat is a Colombian band that performs folk pop and is famous for their use of the Banjo. They have been nominated for multiple grammys and other awards.  They will have two concerts in Madrid on September 8 and 11 at the WiZink centre. 
  • Gus Dapperton is an American Indie pop artist that is famous in the Indie community for his debut single “Moodna, Once With Grace”. He will perform September 11 at Sala Cool.
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School Shopping

The outlet Las Rozas, located outside of Madrid has many Luxury and other popular brands such as Prada, Gucci, Coach, and Levi which are great to explore, even if it’s just window shopping. It is a great way to get great deals on clothes, shoes and other services before the start of university. There are a variety of stores and restaurants to keep yourself comfortable and occupied for a day of shopping. Whether you are looking for something in particular or going to find seasonal gems, Las Rozas is a great place to do your back to school shopping.

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