Segovia Club Pitch Night!


The Club Pitch Night took place on the 18th of November at the Creativity Centre. It was a relaxed and informal event, during which IE student-led clubs had the opportunity to introduce themselves, their achievements so far, and the main projects for this academic year to other club leaders.

As IE University is noted for its diversity, and determination to drive innovation, most clubs were incredibly inclusive and excited to bring something new to the table for this academic year. Below is a summary of each club’s pitch, and what to look forward to from each of them!

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The Rotaract Club aims to provide an outlet to IE students to feel connected with the Segovia community through community service. The club noted the volunteerism fair as a highlight of their achievements thus far in the year – it provided the opportunity to directly bridge the gap between students and the local community. The Rotaract Club is also planning on organizing a blood drive in November, as well as a partnership with ADCC during cancer awareness day, a peace and conflict seminar, IE life awards, a free rice challenge, and more throughout the rest of the academic year.


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The Archaeology Club is a fairly new club, having only been running for around two months, but nonetheless, have many exciting plans for the next few months! Students do not need experience in order to join, as they learn from professors, hands-on experience through digging, and later studying what is found. The club’s mission is to provide students with excitement and information regarding archaeology. The club plans to organize visits and trips throughout the following year.


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The Film and Cinema Club is also a new club which was created this semester. Their aims are divided into two components – cinema, and film. For the cinema component, the club meets once a week in the Creativity Centre to watch and discuss films – snacks are also offered! Since the club has access to streaming platform Filmin, there is a variety of films to choose from, including old movies. So far, they have met up and watched Vertigo, Repulsion, Hereditary, The Seventh Seal, and La Haine. Furthermore, the film component involves learning the required cinematographic skills to produce films. The club aims to create a short film by the end of the year.

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The Charity and Social Awareness Society act as a link between positive social actions within surrounding communities, they give back to the Segovia community through service, raise awareness around campus for different relevant topics, and engage in volunteering events to raise funds. This year, the club aims to address unconscious bias by making campaigns through social media and on campus; they also plan on hosting events and fundraisers, including food, clothes, and blood drives. In order to engage with the club, students can be attendees (through volunteering and organizing), a club member or club leader.


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This year, the Music Club is divided into two sections – an immediate band, with a name (ALBA), personality and identity, and karaoke nights/jam sessions which are open to all students. The club hopes to give a creative outlet for people in the band. Their objectives for the year include becoming more professional, creating a bond between Segovia and IE Talent, becoming community drivers, talent elevators, and to produce/record original music.


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You may have spotted some of the Photography Club’s work already – in The Cave (Segovia Campus), where photos of dogs up for adoption in Segovia decorated the walls. This photography project was one of the few that the club aims to achieve this year. They also plan on hosting theory classes, nature trips, a mural, night shooting, photography seminar, and a final club exhibition at the end of the year.


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The Art Club hopes to bring together a community passionate about painting. They expect members to be revolutionaries with their art – exploring self-expression through painting and drawing. Their main objectives include creating a safe space, allowing students to learn new artistic skills, providing artistic freedom, and giving tools needed to succeed both personally and professionally. The club meets on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, where Tuesdays are in a more relaxed setting, and Thursdays is for more committed members as it is with the guidance of a teacher.

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The Debate Club provides members with the tools to develop their public speaking skills, while participating in national and international debates, including Model United Nations (MUN). After nine months of hard work, they recently hosted IEUMUN, where students applied their skills in real world scenarios. Furthermore, the club’s mission is to increase their recognition within national and international debating communities.


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The Fashion Club aims to bring people together and create a community passionate for fashion and creativity. They hope to learn through guest speakers, and each other, in order to spark creativity and apply it into competitions and events. This year, they plan to host a fashion show where students create garments using only recycled materials!


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The PLE Society involves the interception of politics, law, and economics. However, it is open to everyone, not only PPLE students. The club aims to host exciting events to provide networking opportunities to anyone who’s interested in the subjects – these include hybrid talks with experts and in-person events with the PLE community.


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The Women in Business club is not only a club for women or business students, it is an active community for anyone interested in supporting and promoting members with their professional career aspirations, while also raising awareness for inequality women face in the workplace. This year, the club aims to continue engaging in open conversations on taboo topics, hosting inspiring talks, and professional dinners with speakers. They also aim to collaborate with different clubs to raise awareness on international days matching their values. Finally, they are also launching a partnership with AmplifyME, where they will host IE’s first Finance Accelerator simulation.


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The Book Club aims to connect all literature lovers at IE University. They aim to create a space where members can grow personally while reading, talking about, and recommending books to one another. The club hopes to encourage love of literature, promote a sense of community, push for open-mindedness, and establish an explorational space through reading. This year, they plan to grow their club and host their first events.


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The Dance Club hopes to create a safe space for dancers to express themselves and learn new skills. The club hosts dance classes twice a week at the Creativity Centre with the guidance of dance teachers. Furthermore, they hope to host a performance at the end of the year, where they will showcase the choreographies learnt throughout the course.


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The SDGs Club’s mission is to pursue the seventeen sustainable development goals – through volunteering, inspiring policy makers, researching and publishing. They are currently on an upcycling fashion initiative, which will be used in the Fashion Club fashion show, a tree planting initiative with local organizations, an SDG hackathon, and English tutoring for local youth every week. Their main current initiative is to hold a movie screening regarding fast fashion, followed by an informal group discussion.


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The Girl Up Club aims to push IE to be a catalyst of positive change for the next generation to fight for what they believe in. They envision a world where every girl can reach her full potential and is empowered to do so. The club focuses on gender equality, STEM for social good, prevention of gender violence, education, and sports for purpose. This year, they hope to continue actively supporting feminism and equality, collaborating with local organizations to contribute to positive change, and preserve a community where members feel safe and empowered. They plan on hosting a series of seminars, talks, conferences, and more!


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The Theatre Club aims to create a space for everyone to express themselves through performance. The club has two main goals – the final play and improv classes. The final play will be a performance based on the mystery novel “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie. Moreover, with improv classes, they hope to inspire members to practice their artistic abilities, leave their comfort zones, and discover new things about themselves.


And of course to close the event, The Stork also had to make a special guest appearance to let clubs know to contact us if they need promotion or would like to collaborate with us. The Stork actually has a Clubs Section, in which we cover club events and introduce new clubs to students.

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The Stork is an organization of over 100 students dedicated to expressing their opinions, reporting on news, and creating entertainment via a range of media platforms. The Stork holds applications for writers, content creators, website designers, and editors biannually, at the start of every semester, which are open to all IE students.

If you are a new club leader get in contact with us to promote your club by sending us a message via email or on Instagram! @ieustork

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