Athletics Outdoor Club Kicks Off With a Paintball Game


On Saturday 20th October, 2018 afternoon behind La Lastrilla in Segovia Aventura, the brand new IEU Athletics Outdoor Club organised a paintball game for university students to encourage them to join the club.

The IEU Athletics Outdoor Club is a new club led by Charles Blanc and Tess Fressonnet who would organise activities during the weekends related to sports, well-being and nature with the goal of promoting alternative activities to do in Segovia and its surroundings during the weekends and integrate people from different years and degrees,” said Juan Barrio, director of IEU Athletics and Student Relations.

The university has been building projects that enhance the importance of extracurricular activities. The Mountain Climbing Club in Madrid has organised multiple activities over the semester. The university requested Fressonnet and Blanc to establish an outdoor club in Segovia as well. After evaluating various options such as tree climbing or rafting, the leaders decided to start off with a paintball game.

The outdoor club is about raising awareness of the environment that surrounds us. We’re trying to have the students get outside of the city and explore by doing activities such as paintball, hiking or rafting,” indicated Charles Blanc, one of the presidents of the IEU Outdoor Club, “The objective of this event was to promote the outdoor club” he added.

I really enjoyed this event, it was the perfect occasion to disconnect from midterms and even if the weather was not that good, we had a lot fun spending time between friends. The organisers made an excellent job. I think we have to thank them and hope they are willing to continue organising such good events and at such an cheap price, that includes the game, transportation, food and drinks,” commented Laura Simon, one of the 50 attendees of the paintball game on Saturday.

However, there were very limited places and it is completely understandable because of the space available in the paintball field as it would take longer bus time to go to a bigger one,” Laura added.

The IEU Athletics Outdoor Club is part of the new IEU Athletics Department, which has since summer transformed into an independent office. This means that the Outdoor Club is not a club per se, since it is part of the Campus Life. The purpose of its creation is to promote sport events and activities in Segovia to all kinds of students.

Image courtesy of IE Athletics Outdoor Club.

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