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SEGOVIA – On Wednesday 2nd of October, four teams of innovative students delivered interesting pitches to three seasoned corporate mentors at the entrepreneurship evening at the Creativity Center at Casa de la Moneda. 

Though the business ideas shared a focus on technology (the word app was heard often) and online scalability, they were all very different and showed potential in their respective markets.


The first presentation was Switcheroo, from Emanuel Hempel, Leonard Hörmann and John Huth, a peer-to-peer, cryptocurrency-based e-commerce site centered around reducing waste through the rental and sale of unused items. 

RiTA, a cultural trip planning website created by Emma Sutherland, emphasized an effective way to save time when travel-booking. 

Stop Spying, by Zoé Crochon, concentrated on the controversial issue of data gathering with an innovative phone case that blocks unwanted collection of data through the camera and microphone.

Lastly, Sharedd, a project by Mayssa Hadife and Cloe Attieh, shared an approach to solving companies’ recruiting issues, while also targeting students’ difficulty in finding work experience by serving as a platform to connect the two parties.

Among the audience were Alejandro García, an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the internet sector, Antonio Quijano, an advertising expert and IE professor since 2016, and Iñigo Suárez de Puga, IE alumnus and experienced angel investor. They provided the different teams criticism, as well as legal insight. The general atmosphere was congratulatory; the corporate mentors were truly pleased with the presentations.

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Left to right: Leonard Hörmann, Emanuel Hempel, John Huth, Leticia Ponce, Cloe Attieh, Mayssa Hadife, Emma Sutherland, Zoé Crochon, Alejandro García, Iñigo Suárez de Puga, Antonio Quijano.


Leticia Ponce, the director of the entrepreneurship evening, announced plans to organize events of similar nature, due to take place on Tuesdays in the same venue. Mrs. Ponce was adamant that bachelor students attend future events, highlighting the importance of teaching and motivating young learners to become driven entrepreneurs.


Mrs. Ponce also emphasized that any student with a business idea, regardless of its development stage, can feel free to contact her for advice.

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