IE CREATIVITY CENTER: 5 courses, 5 fields, 5 professionals


SEGOVIA – The opening event in Casa de la Moneda Thursday 3rd of October started off with a brief introduction to the five courses provided by five incredibly talented professors. Students were first given a few things to consider before enrolling in one or more of the courses. Four of the courses have structured monthly schedules over the academic year with eight to ten sessions per course. In order to ensure commitment from students, a fee of 50 euros per year is required, however, that fee covers all courses if a student chooses to take on all four of them. 

The last fifth course is a separate weekly project called “Art as a way of living”, taught by an amazing local artist Alberto Fernández Hurtado which only requires a 5 euro fee for the materials used by everyone involved with a schedule adjusted to the preferences and availability of the majority. 


As each professor presented their course, the students got exclusive insights into five different areas. 

The first course covered was “Think & Create”, an annual program of Art workshops by Carmen Van Bruggen. This course focuses specifically on how art influences the way we think, the society around us as well as providing a space for watching and discussing art. As Carmen stated, “There is so much art, but less time to see and discuss it, and what is a university without art?”


Secondly, Alberto Fernández Hurtado alongside the art club leader presented the unique weekly painting and drawing course. According to him, the courses focus on much more than just the technical aspects of art. It promotes the growth of self-confidence, using risk, chance, and intuition, and prompts students to face a blank canvas the same way they would face daily challenges. 


The third course discussed was “Sound engineering,” led by David Gomez (FourHandsProject). This course provides students with skills to compose music electronically, more specifically music for film and video productions. It ties in very well with the fourth course of film-making by Pedro Collantes, where students learn how to create short films for personal expression or commercial goals. In the course Pedro will be discussing the full development process of a short film as well as how to find an audience. “Film is the most powerful storytelling technique,” he states. 


Lastly, illustrator Fede Yankelevich presented his course of “Branding & Visual Identity,” which involves the creative process of visual marketing for a brand. 


The introductions were followed by a networking break with food and beverages, where students were able to sign up for their desired courses and chat with the professors about any questions and concerns. 


Fun fact: If you complete 70% of the hours given in a course, you can request an ECTS for your degree!

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