A Glance Into Artistic Talent: IE Art Club Exhibition


“Art is an exploration of the human experience” stated Hein Jurgens, an aspiring young artist who displayed his art at an exhibition at IE University on Thursday, November 10. Supported by the IE Art Club, and his mentor, Alberto Fernandez Hurtado, Hein was able to show everyone how he sees the world. He described art as a way to express how he interacts with the world and its environments.  

The IE Art Club is a wonder to be discovered, not only because of its up-and-coming artists like Hein but also because of the community that it is building. This is all done with the help of the president, mentor, and officers that provide a guiding hand. The president of the club, Ida Nydelius, has served as the president for almost three years and is in charge of hosting and curating exhibitions like this one. The club hosts three exhibitions every academic year and always tries to show something different.

Ida talked about her passion for art and how important it is to train the eye to analyze different pieces. For example, in this exhibition, two artists were presented, the student and the mentor, both incredibly expressive, but one realist and the other abstract. Being able to observe characteristics like these and appreciate them is key to understanding the artist. She stated that her role is to ensure continuity within the artist’s pieces and to build up the artist’s character. Ida believes it is really important to provide support for the artist’s development and to increase their self-confidence. With this nudge of support, artists obtain courage and are brave enough to display their work. If artists are able to bolster their self-confidence by receiving support from others, they are more likely to become well-known artists in the long run. 

Hein Jurgens, for example, wants to open up a studio next year and this is already giving him a taste of what the art world would entail. In his opening speech, he talked about how each one of his artworks is in a way like a puzzle, each to be shared with someone else. One may think they are simply a canvas, but they have depth and each conveys a message. Each piece helps one to ponder what it means to be human and the complexity that entails. 

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Hein speaking to fellow students about his pieces, November 10.
Photo by Paty Morris

In regards to the content of his artworks, Hein remarked how they are about the collective and becoming aware of oneself. In addition, Hein described his art as suggestive, meaning they are meant to shed light on how one can explore oneself and their environment. He denounced how today’s generation is reluctant to look at their dark side, and through his art, he hopes to express issues he sees within society. The fourth-year BBA student started to really take his artistic side seriously during the pandemic and with it found an escape from many problems and a way to express everything he could not put into words. 

It is essential to mention that his style is actually inspired by various artists and not just one. One artist that has served as an inspiration for his works is Basquiat. Furthermore, during the exhibition, he went on to mention that there is no limit to the art world, and therefore anything can be reflected through it: any style, message, etc. Lastly, considering his philosophy and perspective, he highlighted how “art is a culmination of everything inherently human and natural.” 

For more information about the artist feel free to contact Hein Floris Jurgens (@heinjurgens) or Alberto Fernandez Hurtado (@fhartgallery) on Instagram.

Featured image by: Paty Morris

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