Your gift guide for this Valentine’s Day (Friends edition)


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If you are single, February 14th can be one of the most dreadful days of the year. Your friends in happy relationships are all posting pictures and stories all over social media, and you are sick of checking your inbox for all the Valentine’s Day sales. Reality check – your valentine can be platonic, a friend!

Have a galentine’s / friends day

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Choose to spend the day and celebrate your friendships. Gather your friends, get everyone to bring a side dish, a drink, dip, or dessert, and share the night together to make up for the absence of a romantic partner. Plans are alway more fun in a group than anyways… 

However, if you do form part of a couple, know that the television series Parks and Recreation considers Galentine’s Day to be February 13th. 

If you plan on hosting a Galentine’s or Friends night this Valentine’s Day, be sure to check out The Board Housewife’s tips to make your event a smooth sail.

Or, if you are looking for fun drinks to make, check out these festive ones!

Alternatively, if you are not down to feast on this day, you can watch a comfort movie movie, have a game night, or simply go out with your friends. If you are a hopeless romantic, use this list of movies to guide you. 

Simple but sweet

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It’s the little things that matter. And often the things that require the least effort, are the things that end up being the most appreciated. One great example is a letter: tell your platonic interest how much they mean to you, thank them for all they do for you, and remind them that they are loved. Remember, Valentine’s Day is, after all, the day to spread love.

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Pair a letter with some chocolate, gourmet or not, or with their favorite snacks…

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Flowers are always a beautiful gesture too, and the smell of them emanating through their home will remind them of how much they are loved.

Talking of a good smell…

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Not that your friends are stinky, but everyone appreciates smelling good. Go on the hunt for a perfume or cologne that reminds you of them! Take into account, some perfume locations even allow for the customization of scents. Or if you would rather make their home space smell lovely, pick out a calendar.

Use this article as a reminder that is is okay to not be in a relationship this Valentine’s Day. It can be hard, but remind yourself of all the love you are surrounded with anyway, and show your friends how much you love them. 

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