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How many times have you encountered the name IE Foundation on screens in university, in a newsletter, or from word of mouth? There is a big chance that the name sounds quite foreign to you. However, if you have any discount on your tuition fees, it is the IE Foundation that takes the financial burden away. However, the IE Foundation does much more than this.

IE Foundation was founded in 1997 with one important aim – to take care of talent. Up until this day, the institution has been doing that successfully. With anyone being able to contribute to this good deed, IE Foundation has more than 4000 donors, among which are alumni, families, sponsors, and others. The donations let the institution cover parts or the whole tuition fees, which, for example, resulted in 379 scholarships awarded between May 2020 and November 2021. It is believed that talented young people who have the potential to change the world but do not have financial freedom deserve to study in one of the best universities.

Moreover, IE Foundation chooses 12% of all scholarship recipients with the most outstanding academic, personal, and professional achievements and honors them with the IE Foundation fellowship. This is a program that brings together future leaders and change-makers. Cherishing their talent, the institution united them through different educational and networking events. To explain a more personal perspective, Being a fellow myself, I consider this opportunity one of my favorite experiences at the university. IE Foundation events made me meet almost all of my friends. If I look at my communication environment, I see it consists mostly of  Foundation fellows who I share views, ambitions, and even an apartment with. 

But IE Foundation searches for talent beyond the fellows. That is why the institution organizes opportunities like Prizes in the Humanities, which honor the humanistic vision of the world in the form of poetry, writing, and visuals, including digital art. This annual occasion motivates students and staff to express their originality and be respected by the IE Foundation. One of the participants of the last-year event, Camila Barandearan, noted its goodwill. She took part because it was a way for her to express creativity. Being a BCDM student, she takes lots of pictures but does not end up posting them anywhere. So, the IE Foundation prizes in Humanities were a chance to share her talent. 

“I think the Humanities Prize is amazing in the sense that it allows and encourages people to keep creating and developing this human, artistic side within us,” commented Camila on the occasion. 

The submission of works for the Prizes of this-year edition has already started. I look forward to presenting my work too. Although I was not chosen last year, I might have a chance to be selected this time. No matter the result, it is a pleasure to share my creativity with others. I encourage you to do the same.

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Retrieved from https://www.ie.edu/prizes-humanities/

Moreover, the institution does its best to maintain the connection with the students even after graduation through numerous projects with the alumni. One of the big celebrations was the installation of bricks in recognition of the outstanding alumni as a part of the inauguration of the new vertical IE campus – the IE Tower. Every ex-IE student has a chance to have their name on one of the 62 pieces located on the terrace on the 24th floor. 

With these various initiatives, IE Foundation gives opportunities to bright minds to study no matter the circumstances and express themselves in different areas of interest. I am, a fellow, always grateful to the Foundation for giving me a chance to study and find my new family at IE, despite my financial and world situation.

Featured image: Retrieved from https://www.ie.edu/ie-foundation/

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Jasmine Sharapova
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