Valentine’s Day: Singles’ Edition 


‘’Love yourself, honey.”​—Mark 12:31

Before sprawling in self-pity on your bed and weeping over being single or getting over an ex, I suggest looking at the silver lining of not having a valentine in 2020. Oftentimes we forget our real selves, who are craving love and care that we so eagerly direct towards other people, be it a crush or significant others. The problem of single people is not that they are single but they yearn to find someone so much that they ultimately forget to love themselves. 

Those who are happy in their relationships may swipe to another article but this guide on truly caring and loving yourself on the international day of love is just as important for taken people just as it is for singles. 

So what if you didn’t get a handwritten card? Go out and celebrate YOU!

Take yourself out on a romantic date. 

Some people may not feel comfortable dressing up and booking a table in a place surrounded by madams and sirs of high society. There is no need to pamper up or go to a Michelin-star restaurant. What you can do on this Valentine’s is explore the city, pop into some bars or cute restaurants with little terraces on the street. No need to put on a slick suit or fit into an elegant dress – simply go out and gaze around the evening lights with a glass of wine (or a shot of vodka, no one’s judging here). 

Places to check out:

  • La Cocina de San Anton – relaxing terrace with a picturesque view of colorful Madrid 
  • Chocolateria de San Gines – churros dipping in hot chocolate? Yes, please! 
  • Plaza del Sol- an array of restaurants and terraces in the major historical spot of the Sol area

Sign up for a workshop

Here’s the thing with most couples on Valentine’s day. They are unimaginative! The epitome of the perfect romantic evening is indulging in French cuisine in a high-end restaurant. Why not indulge in crazy fun instead? Workshop is a mistitle. You can sign up for an art class or cooking workshop, but you can also go on a hike or go to a salsa club. 


  • Guadarrama National Park – less than an hour away from Moncloa station 
  • Yoga workshop 
  • Discoteca Azucar – one of the most popular salsa clubs in Madrid where you can dance with multiple dancing partners 

Plan a date with your best friend

Best friends should be cherished and protected at all costs. When else can you pajama party in the middle of the week or cry together while laughing at something stupid at the same time? 

Enjoy a rom-com film at home with a bowl of popcorn and go out to your favorite bar in the city. Either way, if you’ve got your BFF by your side, the evening is sure to be amusing. 

Decorate your room

What’s better than creating a small getaway, your very own haven, to return to at the end of the day? Buy a cactus or two, put up a poster or clean it at the very least. Little details can spice up your life in the most unexpected way. 

Family time

Many of us live abroad, far away from our families. It is key to call your loved ones and remind them that you love them.

Bake, cook and share

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, take some time off on Valentine’s day to watch the mouthwatering tutorials on YouTube and actually try to recreate some! Cooking and baking sweet goodies is the perfect type of meditation for those obsessed with food. Binge-watch cooking shows on Netflix and get inspired for your very own gastronomical masterpiece. 

Love and take care of yourself 

At the end of the day, what matters is how you treat yourself before you treat others. It is the ability to enjoy your breakfast, your walk in the park or a chill night on your own that ultimately makes you feel good. Do not be scared to spend some time alone. After all, if you can have fun with yourself, you will be able to feel at ease in any company.

On that note, if you are single on this Valentine’s day, chin up, stand up and go make some memories celebrating the day of self-love. 

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