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SEGOVIA – What is the origin of art? Has it always been there? If not who invented it? These questions opened a very interesting discussion on Wednesday the 9th, at Casa de la Moneda in Segovia as the truth is that there is not one straightforward answer. There were varying opinions on this topic; Professor Carmen Van Bruggen suggested that art can be seen as an extension of ourselves and therefore has always existed even if it did not take a physical form. While Dr.Regina Llamas, one of the invited guests suggested that art originated as a reflection of culture. On the other hand some of the IE students that were in attendance believed that art reflected a way of interpreting the world and therefore can be viewed as a way of thinking. This panel allowed not only for questions to be discussed, but more importantly for a conversation to be held between leading professors in the fields of art history and IE students. If you would like an opportunity to be apart of more of the Think Art sessions search ‘IE Creativity Center’ on the Campus Groups App to register for future events. The next session will be held at Casa de La Moneda in Segovia on November 5 from 7-9pm focusing on entrepreneurship in art.


Roché Smith Rabie
Roché Smith Rabie
An Architecture student from South Africa and the Former Editor in Chief of The Stork (2022-23) who loves write articles relating to student affairs, mental health and university life.

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