The Rise of Clubit: The App Designed to Spice Up Your Nightlife


On Wednesday, November 27th, Clubit launched its partnership event at La Que Se Lía bar at Maria de Molina 37, Madrid. The club was packed with IE students – with those who had reserved a table earlier and curious passers-by’s exploring the new place when the night was still young. A wave of visitors kept flowing in, looking for a fresh venue for pre-drinks and checking out the new bar in between. Clubit developers were close by, constantly enthusing over their friends, IE peers, and newcomers.

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What is Clubit?

Clubit is an app created by fellow IE students for the purpose of buying tickets to events, bars, and clubs. The app still remains a newbie to the game of nightlife and entertainment. The app is present in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Milan through its subsidiaries. Clubit is also planning to continue expanding in Italy and Spain, and later enter new markets around Europe. In Madrid, it provides line-free access to clubs such as Teatro Barcelo, Liberty, Goya and several other locations popular within the IE community.

All in all, Clubit is an app that helps its users choose clubs they want to go to and buy tickets with a single click.




What’s the relationship between Clubit and La Que Se Lia?

La Que Se Lia is a bar and a nightclub, a combination suitable for all kinds of visitors.

Over the last month, Clubit and La Que Se Lia have forged a partnership, which allows IE students to get drinks for a discounted price if they present their IE card: 1,50 € for a pint and 2,50€ for a double. In this way, IE students now have an exclusive priority in La Que Se Lia. So, if those long hours spent at the library really take a toll on you, step it up a notch and have a beer or two at La Que Se Lia, less than a minute away from IE 31 bis. 

Apart from La Que Se Lia, Clubit is already onto new partnerships with different kinds of clubs around Madrid, which will ultimately allow all IE students to enjoy a spree of discounts and not worry about standing in never-ending lines. 

Essentially, Clubit is a digital version of a night that ‘could be’, a much better and easier alternative to the lengthy pre-planning and integral confusion we all go through when going out on another Friday night. Clubit is a true gate opener – a brand new opportunity to find a great place to hang, enjoy generous privileges and save time for dancing instead of wasting it away on waiting in a line. 

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