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The IE Real Estate club is a Madrid based club that offers its members opportunities related to the different sub-sectors of the real estate industry. They have created a network of professionals, alumni and students who can assist each other in meeting other interesting professionals, hearing about what it’s like to work in the real estate industry and gaining valuable business insights. 

The last event the IE real estate club organised was a collaboration event with the IE Tech Club and IE Big Data/AI Club. During this event, they had an insightful discussion about the startup process in the prop-tech world with the founder and executive director of property-tech startup Beyond Campus, Luis Valdenebro Montes and Carlos Colmenares.

“members hear about real-life experiences and business insights; and get opportunities to network with and contact Real Estate professionals”

Find out more about the IE Real Estate Club:

Interview with Kirtan Sheth and Elias Houeiss, Co-Presidents of the IE Real Estate Club.

What is the IE Real Estate Club?

A student club that aims to organise a network of professionals who can assist and provide insight of the different sub-sectors of the Real Estate industry.

How can people join, contact, or participate?

They can join through CampusGroups and also can join the WhatsApp group to participate and contact the team.

What upcoming events do you have planned?

Beyond Campus, a property-tech startup created by ex-IMBA students. People can register through IE or CampusGroups.

Why should people participate in these events and what can they expect?

To hear about real-life experiences and business insights, and get opportunities to network and contact Real Estate professionals.

What is the club looking forward to this year?

We are aiming to have exciting and insightful events throughout the year, approximately 1 or 2 per month.

How does the club embody IE’s values?

We have a very diverse group, conformed by different masters, backgrounds, genders and countries. In addition, the club is trying to have a broad range of events, connecting real estate with different industries and sectors (i.e. Technology, Hospitality, Innovation, Big Data, AI, among others).

How has the club adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic?

As of now, we are organising all events by videoconferences, and we keep all sorts of communications via WhatsApp or email. 

What can a member of your club expect?

To get a broad sense of the real estate industry, to meet interesting professionals and an extensive and varied community of students and alumni. 

“the club is trying to have a broad range of events, connecting Real Estate with different industries and sectors”

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You can find them here: LinkedInCampus Groups and Instagram.

Editorial note: This article was created in association with Campus Life as part of their Meet The Club initiative.

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