Casanova: The Newest Addition to Segovia’s Nightlife


The new year welcomed us back with new classes, teachers, friends, things to try, and although a lot of us miss home – there are a lot of things waiting for us back in Segovia. 

The trending topic among IE students, however, is the newest nightclub Casanova, which opened its doors to the city on December 22nd of 2023. Since then, it has been week after week of the dance floor filled with university students, and the main topic of conversation among the campus’ halls. The club is located right next to the famous Aqueduct, and it welcomes you in with its neon red sign and distinguishable font. 

While created and opened in 2023, the club’s aesthetics are definitely a walk into the past. Think of it as a mix of the different decades from the 20th century; a style from the 70s, since the club is inspired by New York’s Studio 54, known as New York’s most famous club, but bringing in the spirit and excitement of the 80s and the 90s.

 Walking into the club on a red carpet, looking at the elegant drapes that cover the establishment, the disco ball hanging from the ceiling, and the DJ’s booth filling the space with neon lights and song mixes that will leave everyone with sore feet by the end of the night. Some would think that this entire combination of styles and moods would not mix well, but, somehow, Casanova makes it work. It all comes out as a classy, retro and vibrant result that catches everyone’s attention.

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Image Courtesy of Claudia Monzón.

The club’s decor and style are incredibly prominent features that make it very attractive for everyone, but the music, which usually stays in the House, Disco and Techno beats range, can be said to be targeted towards international students in Segovia, who prefer these genres over Latin and Spanish music, which are normally played in Spanish clubs and bars.

 Being fully honest, there have been some differences between the students that lean more towards Reggaeton and other Latin sounds, rather than the popular House music that dominates the club. These differences are the cause of the club not being as favored among students coming from Spanish-speaking countries, who are used to a different type of music.

Despite this, there is no doubt that Casanova has been a success amidst all types of students residing in Segovia. The club has brought a new vibrant spirit to the city, inviting everyone who is interested to spend a night singing, dancing and laughing with their friends, making memories, connecting with new people and enjoying their youth freely. The club has been doing so well that it creates new events every week, collaborates with clubs from IE, such as the Nordic Club in their upcoming ABBA Disco Night event, and other event groups outside of IE, such as Eros, in their Gatsby Night event celebrated this past Saturday 10th of February, in which Casanova celebrated an afterparty to finish off the night on a high note.

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Image Courtesy of Casanova.

Casanova is making a great impact in the Segovian nightlife scene, and it seems to only be gaining popularity and attraction. While Segovia has a good nightlife, its selection of nightclubs can certainly be limited, at least those that are easily accessible by university students that walk everywhere they go. Casanova adds more choice for students, who would mostly go out to Irish as their main club. If you are looking for a fun night out, but want to try something different, I definitely recommend looking at the upcoming events in Casanova, choose your favorite from the selection of DJs, themes, and music, and enjoy a night of dancing and laughing with your friends.

Claudia Monzón
Claudia Monzón
Lifestyle writer in Segovia and second-year PPLELLB student.

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