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El fenómeno Swift: más allá de la música

Taylor Swift se ha consolidado no solo como una talentosa cantante y compositora, sino también como una fuerza económica y cultural.

IA y datos: el nuevo petróleo del futuro

Hoy en día, especialmente en esta creciente era de la inteligencia artificial (IA), los datos son sin duda el nuevo petróleo.

Venture Network in Segovia

The Stork interviews Jean-François Manigo Gilardoni and Miguel Eugène del Olmo about the introduction of the Venture Network on Segovia campus, an organisation designed to uplift students' entrepreneurial spirit.

European Union Elections Draw Closer

With the EU parliamentary elections drawing closer, the Stork reminds all EU citizens at IEU to vote. It breaks down how the elections may impact the Union's future.

The Use of Regulation Shows The EU Can Exert Geo-Political Influence 

There are many strategies world powers use to get what they want on the global stage. Economically, they can make trade agreements or investments conditional on taking particular policy actions, withhold foreign aid, or threaten to impose sanctions.

NYSE Toys with 24/7 Trading

By Nicholas Beroud Every Monday through Friday for the past century, the iconic bell of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has rung at 9:30...

From Shanghai to Chancay: How a New Peruvian Port will Reshape Latin American Trade Routes

By Alberto Alonso Inope La Rosa The Chancay Port is a new mega port under construction in Chancay, a small city located 70 kilometers away...

From El Barrio to the World: The Socio-Economic Impacts of Reggaeton in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's economy has benefited greatly from the global success of reggaeton music, especially in the field of tourism, where it has improved revenue, increased cross-cultural exchange, and improved the island's appeal as a popular travel destination. 

The Rwandan Genocide 30 Years Later: What has Changed?

In memory of the Rwandan genocide, the Stork ruminates on the tragedy that befell the country and checks in on its recovery.

Equality and Prosperity: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Social policy and economic policy need to be thought of as going hand-in-hand, in all respects. Without freedom, we cannot have prosperity.


Why Doing Scary Things Is so Important

By Alexandra Marie Charlotte Stahl What truly pushes you out of your comfort zone? For some, stepping out of their comfort zone means traveling alone,...

Euro Betting Tips – Football European Championship 2024

Just in time for the European Championships, the Stork provides a guide for students to bet on the football teams participating in this year's games.

Editorial Announcement for the 2024-25 Academic Year

The academic year 2023-2024 has been an exciting period of growth for The Stork! The completely student-led and managed media outlet, with a team...