Stork Editorial Announcement 2022-2023


MADRID – Dear friends and readers,

Justin Morgan, the Editor-in-Chief of The Stork, IE University’s independent student newspaper, stepped down today after three years in the newspaper, handing the reins to former writer, Lifestyle Editor, and Assistant Editor-in-Chief for Segovia Roché Smith Rabie.

“I am confident that under Roché’s guidance and vision, The Stork will continue to grow and flourish as the definitive site for IE student-related news” said Morgan.

During his time at The Stork, Morgan held many positions, including Investigative Writer, Assistant Editor-in-Chief for Segovia and Madrid, and Editor-in-Chief. In these various positions, he worked on reforming the News section to include News and Analysis, pioneering international connections with other student news organizations, and creating a more inclusive editorial process.

Roché Rabie, a fourth year Architecture student from South Africa and previous Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Segovia, will take over as Editor-in-Chief. In her three years at The Stork, Rabie has served as an enthusiastic innovator, fostering new connections with on-campus institutions, creating new sections and series, and bringing unmatched enthusiasm to the newspaper.

“I am excited to work with the wonderful team we have at The Stork this year to be able to provide informing, insightful as well as entertaining content for the IE Community,” said Rabie. “None of what we are currently working on would have been possible without the efforts and dedication of our previous contributors, namely our past Editor-in-Chief Justin Morgan.”

Fourth year International Relations student Nicholas Kattar will take over as Madrid’s Managing Editor. Having joined The Stork in October 2021, Kattar’s dedication and editorial skill sparked his rise to News Editor in February 2022 and Managing Editor in July 2022.

“I’m really excited about this position,” said Kattar. “I know how demanding it is to be an editor, and my team can rest assured they have all the respect in the world from my part!”

Currently, Segovia only has an Interim Managing Editor, second year Behavior and Social Sciences major Juan Pablo Gonzalez who will be serving as the Lifestyle Editor of Madrid for this academic year. Applications for this position are currently open.

A special thanks goes out to Paula Martínez and Laura De Remedios, our Social Media Coordinator and Public Relations Coordinator respectively, who took charge of their departments in May 2022 and helped tremendously with this May’s applications.

“I would like to thank both last year’s and this year’s managerial boards for their hard work,” says Morgan. “The Stork is a team, and without everyone putting in 100%, we would never be where we are today.”

Best regards,

The Stork Editorial Team

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