Rebranding Creativity Day: Synesthesia


Synesthesia, this year’s name for the yearly Creativity Day, was held at Casa de la Moneda on Wednesday January 29th. But what is synesthesia? A quick Google search brings us to the conclusion that synesthesia is “when one sense is simultaneously perceived by one or more additional senses”, examples of which would be: Associating colors with sounds. 

So how to incorporate this into a Creativity Day, if clearly not all of us are synesthetes? Well, through the variety of senses which are available to us in the first place and trying to appeal to more than one of them such as, taste, sight, and sound.

A variety of tapas were offered during Synesthesia on the ground floor. From big Segovian names like Pasapan, to locally made yoghurts and cookies, there was more than enough food to keep the visitors satisfied and curious. All of the caterers present embraced creativity and made some very unique snacks. Examples include fried pork ear with pop rocks, foie gras with truffle, and tasting tapas blindfolded. The IE Beer Club would also get a room in Casa de la Moneda to themselves, which they decorated with skulls wearing Sombreros surrounded by empty beer bottles and hops. The highlight of the beer club, and to the pleasure of the students, was that there was free beer and wine.

The ground floor wasn’t limited to tapas and beverages, but right next to the entrance there was an exhibition by projects that the design students had worked on in their first semester of this year. Here there would be several well-known items, such as earphones and a virtual reality headset, where the students would then sketch a sort of blueprint of each assigned object. Even though the items seemed average, each blueprint was impeccably precise, breaking down the individual objects that corresponded to each item. An item that stood out was the aforementioned virtual reality headset, where the complexity of the device was nicely and accurately portrayed.

Concerning sound, the IE Music Club had their first performance of the new decade. Their performance was not limited to sound however, since they incorporated a changing light show. Having a set of four musicians and four singers on deck, the eight music club members played ten songs. Presenting three sets of three songs and an encore, the concert followed along the themes of Coffee, Aqua, and Perfume, respectively. Standout performances were all time “feel good” songs such as Sunday Morning by Maroon Five, Feeling Good which incorporated a smooth saxophone intro and Watermelon Sugar just to name a few. As the drummer for the music club, the atmosphere and ambiance presented was incredible. Seeing people genuinely enjoy themselves to music you yourself are making is a thrilling feeling. From moments where the singers would sing in beautiful harmonies to when the instrumentalists were able to have a perfect synergy on instinct, the music club’s performance is one that will stick in the minds of not only the listeners, but also the musicians themselves.

Overall it is safe to say that each and every aspect of this year’s Synesthesia was successful in applying what it stands for. From blindfolded tasting, to visual music the theme of “there is more to this” really stood out which pushed its visitors to new experiences and overall a very fun experience where curiosity would take one all around Casa de la Moneda.


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