Podcast Review: Philosophize This!


The past year I have made a dedicated effort to expand my knowledge beyond that of what is taught in IE university and beyond the theories that relate to my degree. Every day to university, up until the pandemic, I made my 15-minute walk to MMB31 listening to a podcast, specifically Philosophize This! By Stephen West.


Philosophize This! is an educational podcast with the central purpose of creating a discussion around the most basic theories and philosophies that our modern world was built upon. West takes a beginner’s approach to philosophy ensuring that even those that don’t study international relations are able to fully understand these stories and how they pertain to our modern and daily lives.


Each episode is an easy 40 minutes long meaning that you can listen to the first half on the walk to IE, and the rest on the way home, or at the gym etc. The content is educational enough that you’ll learn something new with each episode but not too heavy that you’ll get confused and lose interest.


However, the only criticism I can add about Philosophize This! is that it is a monologue discussion, and for those that already have a sophisticated understanding of philosophy the podcast may come across as too “basic” and lacking depth. In addition, because it is a monologue discussion it lacks a conversational debate on different approaches to the theories presented. Due to this Philosophize This! really is only for those looking for an introduction to philosophy.


Philosophize This! has easily become one of my favourite podcasts with its educational yet capturing content! There are already over 140 episodes to listen to, with new episodes uploaded weekly, therefore you’ll have plenty of fresh content to listen to when you get hooked.


Overall rating: 8/10

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