Paint n’ Sip at the Terrific Wine Gogh in Madrid


Paint n’ Sip?

Paint and sip is a relatively new concept that, from what I have seen, became big during the pandemic. Many people went out of their comfort zone as they came up with new and unique social activities. It is quite self-explanatory: You paint a picture while sipping wine. It is a creative activity where you unleash your inner artist in a fun and stress-free way. There are several companies that have created a business out of this concept – Wine Gogh in Madrid is one of them, and they are succeeding.

FreeVector Wine And Cheese Composition

Wine Gogh

Wine Gogh is one of the most unique and creative concepts in Madrid. It is a paint and sip venue, where you, as a group, learn how to paint a picture while sipping on unlimited wine with nice tunes playing in the background. Their classes are normally based on tutorials where everyone learns how to paint a certain picture. This is great for perfectionists and artists whose creativity tends to get paralyzed, as you are guaranteed to leave with a pretty picture. However, you can always freestyle and paint your own picture if you wish.

The place offers certain themes for their experiences. One popular option is classical painting, which is a group activity where everyone paints the same picture. Their other experience is neon-painting, where you paint in the dark with neon colors that light up the room with an ultraviolet glow. Whatever you choose, the experience will be unforgettable.


This is a perfect exploit for events like birthday parties, celebrations, and team-building. 

I went here myself and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for creative activities in Madrid. 

Book your paint n’ sip experience today on the Wine Gogh website!

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