Learning by Doing: An Exhibition by Bachelor of Design


The new Bachelor in Design students are displaying their work in their exhibition Learning By Doing between Dec. 15, 2017 and Feb. 5, 2018 in Casa de la Moneda. The exhibition is a gathering of all the works they have created over the course of the first semester.
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Courtesy of Roberto Arribas

Learning By Doing, was the first design studio course in the new Bachelor of Design, where students learned the skills to start their design career. It was a project-based learning model, where throughout the last semester, students physically prepared their work for the Learning by Doing exhibition while they were studying.

Getting ready for the exhibition was so much fun,” Anurag Phalke, one of the design students mentioned. “We worked together and improved our design skills.

The exhibition demonstrates 9 exercises. Some are sketches and others are made with materials from the Fabrication Laboratory, mostly known as the FabLab. There are works that are made in groups and others that are made individually, with the assistance of their professor Andrea Caruso.

Our professor is incredibly interesting. He really pushed us throughout the semester with his method of Learning by Doing,” said MJ Heshiki, another student of the bachelor. “Although it was very intense the last couple of weeks before our deadlines, in the end we really did learn so much, whether it was sketching, wood work, or digital programs.

I really loved the door handle task,” answered Heshiki when she was asked about her favorite work. “It was our first hands-on project where we were asked to create a physical prototype, which was very exciting. We had to design two door handles, one geometric and the other organic.

Our first draft was not an overall success but luckily our professor gave us another opportunity to fix them. This was the first project where I really felt like I had creative freedom to create something that aligned with my personal style,” concluded Heshiki.

The exhibition will run until the 5th of February, make sure you don’t miss it!

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