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This year, the fair presented students with eight possible labs. Each lab is an alternative to a work placement opportunity. The labs range from finance, marketing, and law to communication, design, startups and more. The labs provide hands-on experience in an internship-like environment where students can work with companies on real projects to gain professional and practical knowledge.


Leticia Ponce, the creator and supervisor of IE University’s Startup Lab since 2010, shared her story of how the lab evolved and the amazing results that her students have achieved:

“The Startup lab was the first one to appear. When I started, I had around six, maybe eight students, and that was it. Now I have over twenty who follow through with the lab in each campus! During these times I’ve seen incredible things! Out of these nine years that have passed, I’ve seen real businesses come out of the lab, and for me that’s incredible.”


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