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By Cristina Alejandra Fiorillo

As members of our community know, last year the SDG club was created. Its mission is to “create opportunities to tackle the targets of sustainability”, by working towards the achievement of the 17 Global Goals, agreed upon by the 193 Member States of the United Nations to be attained by 2030. These interconnected goals serve as a universal call to action to the development of social, economical, and environmental sustainability, including no poverty, climate action, reduced inequalities, decent work, and economic growth.


In order to accomplish these 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations works collaboratively with different organizations. UNICEF is the United Nations agency in charge of providing humanitarian and development aid to children worldwide. Its mission is to “advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.”


As IE students, we believe that everyone, from their own environment and circumstance, can contribute to making children’s rights a reality. We share the UN and its Member States’ interest towards achieving the SDGs, as well as UNICEF’s labor of protecting children’s rights, survival, health, and wellbeing. Consequently, the SDG club launches a new branch and initiative: “IE Campus89, working with UNICEF”


What is Campus89?


IE Campus89 is a UNICEF initiative under the SDG Club aimed at university students, who understand and are passionate about UNICEF’s work,  share its mission, values, and the need for action for children’s rights. It is made up of young people convinced that the well-being of children is everyone’s responsibility and that as students we can also contribute to change within our reality.


IE Campus89’s goal is to RISE. It seeks to raise awareness of children’s rights and the limits they are currently facing, inspire students by showing the constant work done by UNICEF and highlight possible actions for change, serve as a channel to tackle the SDG goals with regards to children and empower our community to take an active stance towards a better future.


“As the coordinators of IE Campus89, Valeria Ansorena and I, Cristina Fiorillo, are very excited for this initiative. We want to invite the IE community to join the efforts of Campus89, and participate in the wide range of activities that we will be hosting: from educational campaigns, to leadership workshops and awareness interactive activities. We are convinced that together we can achieve big things, so let’s work closely, hand by hand with the SDG club and UNICEF Spain to make a change!”


For more information regarding this initiative, visit the SDG’s communication channels.

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