If you are planning a trip to Florence you will likely come across Gucci Garden. Located in Piazza della Signoria, the exterior of the restaurant blends to resemble the architecture of the surrounding medieval period, but the interior tells another story. Upon entering there is an explosion of colors that reflects the Tuscan countryside and the delicacy of spring. The ambiance of the restaurant as well as the food expresses a sensation of gentleness and the blooming of flowers at the beginning of spring. 

Karime Lopez, a Mexican chef that has worked in some of the most renowned restaurants in the world including Pujol in Mexico City, Noma in Denmark, Osteria Francescana in Modena, and Central in Peru, has taken elements of global culinary experience to create a contemporary and innovative Italian cuisine. The flavors challenge your taste buds by taking traditional dishes and giving them an avant-garde twist. The restaurant caters its experience to the customer, and so there are a variety of options for enjoying the restaurant.

Gucci Garden has two options for tasting menus, Renaissance Chapter: a six-course menu for 150€, 220€ for five wine pairings, and 240€ for seven wine pairings, Come To The World With Us: a nine-course menu of 190€, 270€ for six wine pairings, and 310€ for nine wine pairings. The restaurant also has a la carte options that range from 25 € to 43 €. All options incorporate the artistic perspective and vision of the chef, and many of the tasting menu options are also available on the regular menu. Any of the experiences you choose to have will definitely be unique, and they will make sure that the essence of Gucci is incorporated. Just make sure to plan ahead and reserve a table in advance because it gets full quickly. 

Once arrived you will not only be surprised by an extravagant restaurant, but you will also find a  Gucci boutique within, selling luxurious and unique items, as well as a bookstore.

The restaurant has a very romantic atmosphere that is perfect for celebrating something special and intimate. It is classy and yet very camp, as nothing less is to be expected from Gucci. It is the most adequate place for someone looking for something non-traditional, and who enjoys exotic flavors and textures that are achieved through artistic gastronomy.

We chose the Come To The World With Us menu, including nine courses with one wine pairing each:

Course 1: Purple Corn Tostada

Inspired by Mexican Ceviche, Bonito fish is marinated in citrus juice and blends of spices that give a fresh and flavorful explosion to the mouth. It is then topped with a blue corn toast to contrast the tenderness of the fish by adding a crunchy  and neutral taste. Finally it is topped with thinly sliced radishes, creamy mayonnaise, and spices.   

Wine pairing: Conti Capponi- Villa Calcinaia

Mauvais Chapon Rosato Metodo Classico is a sour sparkling wine with hints of apple.

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Course 2: Spring is here 

Midori Chawanmushi is a Japanese egg custard that is steamed until its consistency reflects the texture of silk. It is topped with fresh shrimp, tobiko fish eggs, and a mixture of greens.  The variety of textures in each ingredient creates different sensations within the mouth that balance each other out.

Wine pairing:  L’eclettico- Paglione 2020

White wine from Italy that is refreshing and contains hints of apricot, grapefruit and citrus.

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Course 3: Gadus Gadus Gadus

Code cooked to a tender texture that keeps the fish chewy and juicy and that is topped with crispy thin layers of cod. It is  soaked in a broth made from Mediterranean herbs that contrast to the simplistic and soft flavor of the fish. 

Wine pairing: Ronco Severo- Pinot grigio 2018

White Wine from Colli Orientali del Friuli that has hints of oranges, cherries and an earthy contrast like that of truffles.

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Course 4: Pronto Luisa…dedicato a Bizza’

Rice, peas and pecorino cheese soaked in an acidic citrus sauce that takes element’s from perviuina leche de tigre, and that contrasts with the strong flavours of the cheese. The dish serves the purpose of transitioning and cleansing the taste buds to prepare them for the next round of flavors.

Wine pairing: Picoli Greco di Tufo-Bambinuto 2017

White wine from Greco di Tufo that contains hints of green apple lemon and honey.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 at 12.19.19

Course 5: The Chianina’s Hug

Juicy Chianina beef cooked to a perfection and drizzled with uccelletto sauce and balsamic vinegar from Modena creates a  contrast of unique flavors.  

Wine pairing: Saia-Feudo Maccari

Red wine from Terre Siciliane that is earthy, soft and with hints of oak, chocolate and plum.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 at 12.21.23

Course 6: Almost an Almond 

Clear and fresh thinly sliced dessert soaked  in a milky almond water and sprinkled with edible gold leaf. This dish is meant to mislead you.

Wine pairing: Bricco Quaglia Moscato d’Asti-La Spinetta 2020

Sparkling wine from Moscato d’Asti that is very sweet and contains hints of pear honey, elderflower.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 at 12.22.55

Course 7: Come to Noto with us

The creamy and saltiness of the cheese in the risotto contrasts with the hints of citrus fruits, and almonds blurring the line between dessert and main course.

Wine pairing: Thomas  Dorfmann Sylvaner 2020

White wine from Südtirol Eisacktaler that is sweet and refreshing with hints of apricot and peaches.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 at 12.24.32

Course 8: White, Red, Green

A layered dessert that takes very classic Italian ingredients that are usually not used in dessert to create a new fresh and neutral dish. Mozzarella di Bufala is coated in shattered pieces of meringhe and filled with an outer coat of strawberry tomato jelly and a core of basil syrup.

Wine pairing: ürziger Würzgarten Auslese Riesling 1992

White wine from Mosel that is acidic with hints of citrus, pear and minerals.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 at 12.25.56

Course 9: Historic Compromise

The tasting menu ends with three bite sized desserts that have very contrasting flavors and textures. First the tasting begins with a sponge cake filled with a citrus jelly, and then the white velvet ball that has the texture of marshmallows. Finally, end with the berry tarte that is smooth and crunchy.

Wine pairing: Sgurgheghel- Cantina Vincenzo Venturelli

Sparkling wine from Lambrusco di Sorbara with hints of apricot and honey.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 at 12.27.26

Overall, I would highly recommend this place if you want to experience something special when in Florence. I hope you enjoyed this review. let us know if you have any requests for bars or restaurants we should review via @ieustork !


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