By Sara Lona Abou El Mona

The presidential debates are debates that occur before the elections in the
United States of America, between the two major candidates. The first debate of
the 2020 series of debates took place on 29 September between the current
President of the US, Donald Trump, who is running on the behalf of the Republican
party and the Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, who is representing the Democratic
Party. The debate was labelled by many news sources, and by the majority of the
American citizens as ‘The Worst Debate in the United States’ history, and there’s no reason why I wouldn’t agree with it.

During the shockingly terrible debate, candidates discussed multiple
issues such as the Supreme Court of the United States, the Covid-19 Virus and the
future, taxes, and race.
The debate began with the discussion and difference in opinion over the Supreme
Court of the united states. The United States Supreme Court is the highest federal
court and thus the cases that are the most important are dealt with there. A large
sum of the American people do not recognize Donald Trump as their president
because they believe that over the last three and a half years, he has turned the US
into the opposite of an American dream. His irrational decision of nominating a
replacement to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the biggest insult to feminism
worldwide, considering how her hard work and achievements impact women daily.
Biden, on the other hand, understands that the people of America three years ago are
not the same as the people of America today and thus they have a right in the say
of who replaces one of the pillars of the legal world.
The most awaited discussion was probably the Covid-19 topic as one of these
two men’s decisions could shortly determine the future or the end of this
deadly virus. President Trump was informed of the deadly effects of this virus before it hits the US and neglected it completely, he is negligent of his people and
their health and instead cares more about the finances of the American billionaires
like himself who are the only ones benefiting from this crisis. That is the reason behind
trump being so determined on opening the country and businesses regardless of the
insane number of deaths caused by corona daily. Biden on the other hand
understands the middle class, he knows how it feels like to lose a son or a loved
In the second half of the debate, taxes and race were discussed. Taxes make up a
big part of every American’s life. It would be very logical that depending on your
salary, the amount of tax you pay is determined; but that is not the case in the US.
Donald Trump, billionaire businessman, has paid in the years 2016-2017, 750$
which is quite funny. It’s funny and cry worthy as it’s probably the same sum of
money a teacher pays for taxes. How is it that a teacher and the president could be
possibly paying the same amount of tax? I think Biden’s initiative in his campaign
in making taxes fair is a very important factor that the American people should
take into consideration. Last not least, Race. The US is home to
tens of ethnicities and cultures, and they are all American. One of the biggest
problems the US faces today is the ill-treatment of people of colour, and this year
this has caused an uproar. Donald Trump is racist and that is something we can all
agree on; he has failed to imprison the killers of martyr George Floyd, instead, he
chooses to cause violence in a peaceful protest. Biden at this point of the debate
emotionally addresses the people, speaking from his heart and calling
on to them to end the suffering of the majority of American citizens.
“Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative.” This quote
is said by Joe Biden’s father and it was what concluded my opinion on the best
candidate for the presidency. Neither Trump nor Biden are perfect for the job, however, after watching the debate and watching the President of the United States
be a selfish, self-interested, self-glorifying billionaire who cannot provide a normal
happy life for any American citizen who isn’t a billionaire, then Biden must be
choice of the American people.


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