Best of 2020


In a year so unpredictable and confusing as the one we are about to leave behind, many of us have found in film and television a real lifeline. A balm that has made life sweeter. These films and TV shows have kept me excited and hopeful.

Succession. Quite perhaps the best TV out there. Masterfully conceived and brought together. I’m doing you a huge favor by urging you to catch this as soon as humanly possible – you’ll thank me later. (HBO)

Let Them All Talk. I liked Soderbergh’s latest so much that I was compelled to write in a recent review about this unpretentious, easygoing fable about friendship and life-determining choices. (HBO)

Soul. I was never a fan of its comparable predecessor, Inside Out. This, however, is a lavish and extremely affecting take on the (thin) line separating life and death. (Disney+)

Schitt’s Creek. Fall in love with Catherine O’Hara all over again – and have a good laugh in the process. (Movistar+)

Killing Eve. An absolute blast. Some of the best character development I remember seeing on screen. (HBO)

The Social Dilemma. Never has there been a better moment to wake up to technology’s darker facet. This Netflix documentary is an urgent call to arms. (Netflix)

Antidisturbios. Spanish original productions keep getting and better. This engrossing miniseries by Rodrigo Sorogoyen dives into the lives of a group of Madrid-based antiriot policemen, making some unapologetic references to contemporary Spanish politics. (Movistar+)

Honorable mentions: The Prom, Patria, The Social Dilemma, My Octopus Teacher, Ratched.

May 2021 bring along more, better entertainment!!

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