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COVID-19 Testing 

Since the start of the new year, IE has been focusing on ensuring the safety of all of its university students, professors, and staff. In order to attend in-person classes, individuals must take an antigen test at IE University facilities in either Segovia or Madrid in order to have access to campus. The diagnostic tests are being carried out for free from January 4th to January 30th in the infirmary. Students that have not arrived at campus or Spain, should consider setting the date well in advance through this link:

Another way to book your appointment is directly through the COVID-19 Tracer Web App. If any you’d like to ask a question or report an issue don’t hesitate to email

Keep in mind the following, if the result of your test is NEGATIVE, your health passport will automatically turn green and you can access the campus as normal. 

If the test result is POSITIVE, you must remain in mandatory isolation for 10 days from the date of the test.

  • At the end of the isolation period, you will have to take another antigen detection test to confirm that you have passed the disease and can access the campus.
  • If the result is NEGATIVE and as long as there are no symptoms, the entrance to the campus will be authorized.
  • If it is POSITIVE, you will stay 5 more days until you take another antigen detection test.

Individuals who have already had COVID-19 and have since received a negative test result do not have to undergo this diagnostic test in January and can access campus by continuing to monitor their daily symptoms on the COVID-19 Tracer Web App. Regardless, everyone needs to perform the daily follow up assessment through the application. 


On another note, this second semester almost all languages, if not all of them that are taken once or twice a week will be imparted online. Sessions range from 18:00hr to 21:00hr depending on the language, level, and hours available for each section. However, this does not change the fact that professors are as committed to hard work and understanding amidst the current situation during the pandemic. Similarly, all advanced seminars will be taught one day a week with a similar timeslot. 

Please contact the language center through this email or the seminar department through this email, in case of any questions or doubts. 

New Events 

These are this week’s events available for current IE’ students and alumni through the IE Clubs website,

Tuesday, January 26th 

  • ZOOM Yoga by IEU Yoga Club 

Time: 15:45hr to 16:45hr

Event Description: In this weekly online mixed-level yoga class we will explore breath, movement, and stillness. Yoga is a fantastic tool for improving calm and focus, as well as both flexibility and strength.

We recommend practicing at-home yoga in a tidy space where you will not be interrupted. A yoga mat can be helpful if you have one, but a clean floor space or carpet is also fine.

Other recommended materials: a thin blanket, cloth belt, and yoga block (or thick book!) can be useful to adapt poses to your body and maximize the benefits of your practice.

  • Generando Liquidez a través de los Activos Inmobiliarios

Time: 18:30hr to 20:00hr

Event Description: En momento de crisis, el patrimonio inmobiliario de las empresas juega un papel fundamental para poder obtener liquidez que permita el funcionamiento normal de las mismas.

En este evento online veremos las mejores prácticas para sacar el máximo rendimiento al patrimonio inmobiliario.

  • Pursuing a Career Journey in the Behavioral Sciences: a chat with Marta Garnelo Caamano

Time: 19:00hr to 20:00hr

Event Description: In this next event, we will be honored to host Marta Garnelo Caamano, a Senior Advisor at the Behavioral Insights Team in North America. 

Marta works with governments and international organizations to design interventions to improve policy decisions, including the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank. 

In this talk, Marta will tell us all about her professional journey that led her to become a senior advisor at BIT. She will talk about her work applying behavioral science to policy, and will give everyone some advice for their careers in behavioral science. 

  • Data Protection: Prospects and Challenges by IE Global Alumni

Time: 18:00hr to 19:00hr

Event Description: The rapid development of technology and its ability to collect data have become a concern for policymakers regarding the protection of EU citizens´ privacy.

Less than 20 years later, the Data Protection Directive of 1995 became obsolete due to the advancement of technology. That led the way for the EU to adopt a new framework to protect the privacy of individuals, the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

Throughout this session, we will focus on the way companies collect data, the new rules introduced by the GDPR, and their impact on companies around the world.  

We will also have some time for online networking afterward to meet and greet our newest Alumni from Greece and Cyprus.

Wednesday, January 27th 

  • Real Estate Brokerage and Transactions by IE Real Estate Club

Time: 13:0hhr to 14:00hr 

Event Description:  Mark Dunford is a specialist in strategic advisory and commercial real estate. He spent the last 5 years of his career with JLL in Dubai focusing on Africa and emerging markets. Mark recently joined Cavendish Maxwell as a Partner – Head of Investment overseeing investment.

  • How does clarity AI use ML to better understand and optimize social and environmental impact? By IE Net Impact Club

Time: 19:00hr to 20:30hr 

Event Description: Clarity AI uses Machine Learning and Big Data tools to help investors optimize the social and environmental impact of their portfolios.

This is a hands-on technical workshop during which Renato Coelho, Research Manager at Clarity AI, will explain a real-case implementation of an ML pipeline for impact estimation.

Thursday, January 28th

  • 2020 Consumer Trends that are Shaping the Future by IE University Exponential Learning 

Time: 17:00hr to 18:00hr

Event Description:  Consumers have shifted some behaviors along 2020, driven by the COVID19 crisis. But some strategic changes in how we behave were already there before and will continue in the post-covid19 world.

Let’s learn in this Master class 8 of those consumer trends which should change the strategy and communications of brands in the short term.

Global Advanced Management Program is focused on the preparation of innovative business leaders for both personal and professional growth, with dynamic leadership training designed to understand and disrupt our radically-changing world

Learn how to adapt your business to changes in technology, values, and ways of thinking. The Global AMP will expose you to the trends driving your industry while teaching you to weigh the challenges and opportunities these trends bring about, ensuring success as you build the next generation of your C-suite.

  • Brewing Disruption 

Time 19:00hr to 20:00hr 

Event Description: Join us for the unique sharing of the Global VP of AB InBev to learn how the world’s largest beer company is handling Innovations through Design Thinking and Technology. 

To be informed on more COVID-19 updates, university events, general news, and lifestyle articles across both campuses follow IEU stork through Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube as IEU Stork. 

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