IE’s Innovative Integration: A Legend Unmasked

Diversity is a good thing, or so it would seem. IE University boasts an international reputation for attracting some of the brightest minds from all corners of the globe, and putting them all together in a classroom to think, philosophize, learn, and grow. But with all these different cultures, nationalities, and languages colliding, what happens to the inevitable potential for conflict? Is it true that a whole shipment of international students can arrive in Spain and seamlessly fit in with Spanish nationals also seeking their higher education?

Everything You Missed from the 2019 Student Government Elections

The electoral process came to a culmination on Friday, March 22nd at the Spring Ball, where Team Red was announced to have won the spot for next year’s Student Government. However, in the brief window of 23 days, what actually did happen, both in and out of the public’s eye?

Daniela Grijalva

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