Two IE students stumble on inmate mutiny at the Immigration Detention Center at Aluche

MADRID - Two IE students, Federika Uhthoff and Maile McFarland came across a police operation to stop an inmate mutiny at the Immigration Center...

IE Library: AI, Robots and More

One of the most common criticisms that students have towards the university is the physical constraint of the IE Library. At first glance, the expressed concerns may appear to be true, however, many students fail to notice the general progress the library has made so far, especially towards developing and adapting virtual technologies to enhance its user experience. Obviously, the physical capacity of the library has remained the same, with 167 spots in the Madrid campus and 157 spots in Segovia, but since 2017, the Library, in partnership with a software development firm called Smart Areas, compensated for the constraints by introducing a mobile app, virtual and augmented reality stops, robotic assistants and many other techie wonders. In the following interview, I spoke with IE Library Staff Noelia Romero and Belén Real.

Volodymyr Lakomov

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