The IE Short Film Festival 2023

The following day, film buffs from campus and beyond came to the award ceremony to discover the ieSFF nominees. Nominations were created by an impressive jury panel, from producers and creatives in the field.

IE’s Ghost Town: Why Students Abandon Events

So it is not for lack of trying or that events are not student-centered - they are. It’s that students just don't see the value in attending. But why is that?

Is Madrid That Accessible?

It is a new facet of Madrid that I have never experienced, but now want to take it upon myself to be more aware and educate myself on how to create a more inclusive Madrid for anyone and everyone. I still hold the belief that Madrid is the best city to live in, but with the understanding that it has a long road ahead to reach its potential to be liveable for all.

I Spy, You Spy, We All Spy: Why the West’s Reaction Matters 

Beijing's balloon blunder(s) these past few weeks have sent shockwaves in the world of geopolitics. The balloon was first spotted in Alaska in late...

George Santos: The Man, The Myth, The Omen

Suspected of forging foreign checks. Worked at an alleged Ponzi scheme for years. Lied that his mother died of 9/11-related causes. Supposedly started a...

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