How to Survive Finals

To our lovely readers, Newsflash, if your finals haven’t started yet, they’re about to. Now I know that seems a bit rough on my part,...

An In-Depth Look at the US Elections

General overview  This election was one for the books! From having record voter turnout during a pandemic, to a diverse body of candidates being elected...

Appropriating vs. Appreciating a Culture

With Halloween rapidly approaching, it’s unfortunately not rare to see people appropriate a culture for a Halloween costume, a majority, not aware of the...

Dia De Muertos: A Mexican Celebration of the Dead

When we think of death, we usually think of sadness and grief. You wouldn’t imagine colorful decorations, music and parties but in Mexico this...

Time’s up: The Relationship between COVID, Veganism and Environmental Destruction

If you ask any infectologist about COVID, they will tell you they already knew there was going to be a next big pandemic. Scientific...

The Crown Season 4: TV Review

This is the first of the four parts that transcends mere suggestions or hints. It goes right at the heart of the mess, taking a soap-opera turn at the expense of much of its solemnity. Admittedly, though, The Crown is as engrossing as it has ever been.