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Student Government

IEU Student Government 2020/21

Ricardo D'Ambrosio

President - BBALLB - 3rd Year

I'm in charge of organizing and leading the Student Government towards the goals set at the beginning of the year as a team and supervise that the individual goals set for each position are achieved successfully. Additionally, the president attends all the general meetings and represents the university in official events of the community.

Maria Laura Acosta

Communications Officer - LLB - 3rd Year

My job is to oversee the entire communications scheme of the Student Government. I’m behind our social media, in which I respond and take note of every comment, complaint, or suggestion coming from the students.

Marie-Therese Burkard

Community Development Officer (Segovia) - PLE - 2nd Year

For my position in the student government, I was working on the organisation of events and community building within the IE Segovia campus. Together with other clubs at IE, we organised online events and were open to provide any answers or advice through digital platforms. Of course, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many face-to-face events we had hoped to planned, were not possible. Nonetheless, we tried to be as accessible as possible to students, especially those of 1st year, and make the best out of the situation.

Mathieu Mitral

Community Development Officer - BIS - 3rd Year

I was in charge of organizing events and activities with the purpose of building a strong community within IE students. We also collaborated with multiple IE club. This year with the sanitary restrictions it was difficult to carry out all the events we had planned, but we tried our best to adapt them to an online format.

Omar Sherif

Academic Officer - Segovia - BBABIR - 3rd Year

My job is to try and find new ways of adapting the academic side of the way things work at university. Times are always changing and in such a university like ours it is important to adapt to the new requirements of our students.

Cloe Attieh

Academics Officer- PLE - 3rd Year

Worked on reforming the honors program to include extracurricular achievements, creating a more wholesome education on the topic of diversity by founding the Social Awareness Week and Newsletter, prepared monthly reports on liquid learning and was always available to listen to students' concerns on any academic concern they had.

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