About Us

The Stork 

IE University’s Official Student Newspaper. 

Mission and Vision

To create a reliable and authoritative quality platform, where every single member has the opportunity to produce, inform and entertain.


To permeate the IE Community voice across the globe and establish a well-recognized source of writing.

 “Creating a platform for IE’s voices to be heard the world over, since 2018.”


How does it work?

The Stork is the official IE University Student Newspaper, published solely online to provide easier access to news across both campuses and encourage paper-free sustainability. We divide our content into 5 categories: general news, lifestyle articles, opinion columns, tabloid #Stork and the Spanish section.


To make your experience at The Stork impeccable, we would love to hear your opinion! Have you found an error? We take responsibility for any mistake, omission of a source, or a misreport—so please, contact us. Do you wish to contribute? It’s incredibly easy, as we take in new creatives throughout the year. Just message us through social media or this website.

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